Liberals are a disease

LIberals say gravity is offensive
25Nov, 2017

Keep liberals and their agendas out of your business.


Liberal Baby Crying
A typical Liberal (the picture links to “How Liberal Short-Term Thinking Is Destroying America“)


If you employ them they will kill your workforce from within (by promoting bigotry and silencing rational-minded people) and if your sales force is guided by their agenda then your sales will suffer permanently.


This is FAR from hyperbole – the modern social environment is overflowing with examples. In the last three years it has become painfully apparent that liberals had taken hold of the mass media and entertainment industry and loudly vilify conservatives who dare to be reasonable.


LIberals say gravity is offensive
Liberals get offended by EVERYTHING (picture links to “No, Liberals, Not Everything is Racist“)


Liberals that have been clear that:


The last would be simply discounted if (a) any of them either had a shower while looked down or (b) they somehow became attractive to another human and that other person discovered their gender for them.


AIDS Skrillex
From user “ELDESTRO” on YouTube


All the dot-points are readily backed up by verifiable facts and some are taken directly from the mouths of liberals themselves and laughing at these idiots doesn’t help them understand that they are mentally disturbed and need psychological help.


Ignoring Angry MoronsIgnoring them doesn’t help either as they just get louder (as they assume silence is agreement not disgust and/or pity).


Yes reasonable people DO laugh at liberals (and they rightly should) but liberal idiots are still holding sway in the ruling elites of many places (eg. Canada has recently made it a crime to “misgender” people, WordPress forced their sexual preferences on me via a banner and ignored my letter of complaint, and Universities are pushing out more brain-less/washed idiots everyday.


Baby with Father

The worse part of it is that there is no bottom to their “pit of suffering” and/or Social Justice Warrior-ing/Wimp-ing. So if even if one was to capitulate to everything they demanded they would still want more (link to evergreen). They just WANT to be sad, they WANT to be unhappy, they are babies without parents.


Unfortunately we all have to parent these babies by refusing granting their demands and hope (as all parents do) that these liberals will grow up, leave their safe spaces, get jobs, and all learn responsibilities.


The benefit (?) of businesses buying into their childish, segregative, nonsense is lost sales. Employed people are your customers, not loud-mouthed unemployed or underpaid university students who live in their parents basements.

Construction Worker

Simply put- people with jobs should be your main focus.


Look at the drop of Starbucks sales when it’s CEO announced it would be employing tens of thousands of (illegal) immigrants (instead of unemployed army veterans). As reported by Business Insider.


Starbucks Coffee Garbage


Look at how previously (comparatively) little known Joy Villa’s music took off when she wore a “Make America Great Again” dress at the Grammy’s. Right after that her albums became top sellers on iTunes for a measurable period of time.

Joy Villa Make America Great Again
Joy Villa Make America Great Again – Source: IT

Look at how much the current “celebrities” in Hollywood are being shunned by the majority of the people who once revered them as they spew out their anti-democratic rhetoric while crying that they would leave America if Donald J Trump became President of America (not surprisingly NONE of them left).


Depressed Celebrities


Avoid joining (any) bandwagons, no matter how attractive the packaging or the seemingly innocent desire of the organisers. One example of this is the recent vote for “Marriage Equality” in Australia- a blatant lie as it was a vote for “Homosexual Marriage”.


Especially note the crazy people attacking others (physically and socially) for simply stating their own views on the deliberately deceptive nature of the campaign.


From “Facebook Robert Assaf” and “International Newz


Leave the babies to their rattles and tissues while you get on with employing people to work for you and with making products that solvent (ie. moderately opinionated, employed, and washed) people will be able to buy. Even if you have strong views on whatever is the current issue of the day keep your business clear of all it.


Keep Hands Clear sign


PS. Yes I’m aware of the hypocritical nature of my stance – I’m obviously not a liberal as I’m self-aware and self-reflective 🙂