Shared Office Space Brisbane

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07Feb, 2018

If you run a small business in Brisbane you have a plethora of places to go if you want to network or run a business if you don’t have a bricks and mortar establishment. Sure you could share with friends who are already established but that may lead to more problems than it solves.


Here are some options for the work-at-home warrior or road rogues out there (in no particular order). Prices, names, terms, links, and addresses were valid when this page was published and haven’t been updated since (in other words – caveat emptor!). There are probably more options than these and, if you find some you prefer, please email me on


Please note this is NOT a definitive guide to these locations- some of them offer far more than I described here (such as free receptionist services and/or unlimited drinks of any beverage of your choice). Do contact them to find out more about their services and offerings. Some of these locations offer just a place to park your, um, laptop (still warm from the, um, laptop, of the person who used it last) while others are fully-serviced offices with where you can lock and leave your stuff behind, some are only for business hours but others are available 24/7.


Little Tokyo TwoLittle Tokyo 2

With 4 locations in and around Brisbane and one on the Gold Coast Little Tokyo Two is a good option for those needing/wanting to network and seriously work.

$300/m + $198 signup fee for hot desk. More for a permanent one.

I personally checked out the Spring Hill and The Capital (Brisbane CBD) and found their cultures to be vastly different (and assume the others would be similarly different).



With three offices (Sydney, Brisbane, and Shanghai) Fishburners focuses on Tech startups and markets itself as a not-for-profit institution.

$350/m for hot desk, $450/m for permanent desk.

Similar to Little Tokyo 2, Fishburners also offers permanent desks and a large, open area, hot desk space on level 2.




With multiple offices in Brisbane, Australia, and world wide Regus is one of the most prolific hot-desking business around. I personally checked out their Surfers Paradise and found it useful.

$522/m for small shared office (less for longer contracts).

Due to their size/omni-presence there may be deals available for membership so keep your eyes open.


The Executive CentreThe Executive Centre

With offices in various parts of Brisbane CBD you should find a shared and private office which suits your geographic needs.

$600/m though prices vary with length of lease and location.

When I went to The Executive Centre I visited the newer 111 Eagle st location and thoroughly enjoyed the outside-viewing elevators on my way back to the ground.



Corporate HouseCorporate  House

It was the end of the day when I checked Corporate House but the staff seemed happy to help.

$495/m shared and upwards of $695/m for private (though depends on location, length of lease and size of the office).

They have a number of locations across Brisbane and can be booked for short or long periods.



Salt SpaceSalt Space

A comfortable location tucked away in New Farm, Salt Space is great for the locals and for those who don’t mind travelling a little further for a more competitive price.

$250/m for a hot desk which can be upgraded to a permanent desk or a studio.




The Office GroupThe Office Group

Has a slightly more corporate look/feel even though The Office Group pride themselves on not having such a look/feel. It has everything you need and a variety of different offices to suit budget and requirements.

$900/m (though figures change due to size of lease and required office size/location).

The offices are clearly separated, very little mingling between businesses here (which might be what you were looking for).



For me the best of all worlds, open plan and chance to network but most people come to Wotso to work. Light colours and breakout rooms as well as flexible options in terms of desks

$220/m though you can upscale to permanent desks.

Like all of these offices, it has access to showering facilities which I’ll probably be using after biking for long distances.



Other Options in Brisbane
(this list is not definitive):


@Workspaces : $300 – $400/m

Asian Pacific/The Deague Group/Mantra/The Johnson: All the same company(?): over $1,000/m

Bluedog Business Centre: $1,000/m (though highly variable depending on the office and length of lease)

Clarence Workspaces: $1080/m (though highly variable depending on the office and length of lease)

Gasworks: $363/m $159.50/m hot desk and $423.50/m for a permanent desk

Milton Business Centre: $870/m (though highly variable depending on the office and length of lease)

QUT/The Coterie: $110/m for business hours access and $220/m for 24/7

River City Labs (The Precinct): $200/m hot desk and $550/m for a permanent one.

Rubberdesk: $391/m (though highly variable depending on the office and it’s location)

Studio42: $426/m

The Workstation: $880/m (though highly variable depending on the office)

Thought Fort: $395/m + $250 deposit for a dedicated desk

VCSO: $1,500/m (though highly variable depending on the office and it’s location)