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Gold Coast - literally
11Feb, 2018

Gold Coast - literallyWhen considering search engine optimisation in the Gold Coast you first must realise that it’s a huge, sprawling, and (if we are being totally truthful) vaguely defined.


It extends from somewhere in/close to Brisbane down the somewhere south of the Queensland/New South Wales border, from the sea to somewhere along an rough line inland.


There’s lots of towns, areas, and cities inside that area and if you want to capture the market inside them you’d be best to first start with strict limitations on which geographic area you wish to target first.


Fishing for SEO on the Gold Coast

Firstly ask yourself where most of your customers are coming from

  • If you are tourist based then you’d target the area’s of popularity/searches from most to least.
  • If you run a dentistry then you’d want to target areas around your office first then poorer areas once you have ranked high locally.
  • If you are a doctor then local first and population density area’s next.
  • If you’re a mechanic then local first then areas where most accident/breakdowns occur next. etc


Naturally everyone wants to be top in their field for their general area but Google will still prefer a more geographically convenient practitioner (to be displayed first in the SERP’s) than one further away (unless their SEO is phenomenally well established).


If you have a business which services the entirety of the Gold Coast (and may or may not reside in the GC) then you have a number of geographic options (if you wish to DIY your SEO). The easiest is to target large population areas where your target demographic would spend the majority of their time (notice I said the “majority of their time” not necessarily “living”) as they would most likely inquire about your service when they are there.


One source of population information is the Australian Bureau of Statistics– though a simple Google search should provide all the information you’d need (as long as you trust the source of course). Another would be your local library which should have access to statistically-related databases. A third option is Universities- they are dying to prove how useful they are to “the real world” 🙂


Once you have a handle on your preferred geographical area of the Gold Coast on which you want to hone your SEO skills then contact us and we can help you target them.