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DIY SEO – What are Keywords?

Man searches with binoculars
06Mar, 2018
Keywords on a board
Keywords are a summary of someones thought process

The basis of any Search Engine Optimisation (be it in Brisbane or elsewhere) is finding and utilising the the words that people use in order to find information.


Keywords can be described as the “short form” of how people think. Although Google has been able to understand complex human sentence structures for decades (when deciding on how best to help the customer) most people use a shortened structure with “keywords” to summarise what they are looking for.


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The possibilities are endless

People use search engines to access the huge amounts of information (that is widely available) in order to live their daily lives. Information ranging from finding weather reporting sites, clothing bargains, scientific information, news and commentary, medicine, movies, and traffic information.


SEO is about finding people looking for the specific information or product and helping them find what they are looking for. It’s not about “most views win” (especially if the business is paying for those views through advertisements or through Google’s pay per click), as a more targeted audience is far more likely to BUY not just browse.


Keyword research is truly about understanding your audience. Many people start with one word but actually mean to be looking for something else (eg. some people use “summer vacation” to start their search but what they may be actually looking for may be movies about vacations, best places in the world to go for a tropical vacation, statistics on population movements during certain months, or even which Universities offer courses when others are closed. This determines how they use the websites they find and so understanding the audience, and hence choosing keywords to focus on, is why SEO plays an important in linking businesses with their it’s potential customers.


Man searches with binoculars
Keywords are found if one knows how & where to look