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Children Happy With Free Website
05Aug, 2018
Hands Up
Hands Up if you use Google Business

Raise your hand if you have put your business on Google Business. That’s a good start now keep it up if you have filled out the “optional” extra parts like uploading photographs, hours of business, and business descriptions etc.

Well, that thinned out the herd, but there is one more question.

Who has claimed their free Google website?

What? No hands left up at all?

Crazy but true, hardly anyone has put in the time to discover this free service provided by Google.

Shocked Woman
Someone who didn’t know they could get a free website from Google

To be honest it’s perfectly understandable considering most who HAVE gotten that far into Google Business already HAD some stake in their internet presence anyway so offering the free website is kind of offering ice to eskimos.

But what about the desert dwellers who would kill for that same privilege? Unfortunately those business owners who haven’t already gotten on the internet would hardly benefit from the increase of Quality SEO that would come from such a service.

It’s a shame really, but hey it’s still a great resource for everyone else 🙂


Children Happy With Free Website
It’s free and Google does most of the construction